Monday, May 22, 2006

Code Dependent

Babe's Always WriteI saw "The DaVinci Code" at the cinema today and I have to say it was a jolly fine ride. Which got me thinking -- why did I enjoy this movie so much? It was violent, edged on blasphemy, lots of car chasing and double crossing -- (gee, sounds like some of the teen groups I know) none of these things are normally my idea of entertainment.

Yes, I was a visual art major so the Louvre and reframing of the old masters added appeal( I may never look at Da Vinci's Vitrutian man in the same way again). Yes, I like Tom Hanks. The man can really act IMO. (Anyone who can pull off a conversation with a soccer ball and still tug viewer's hearts has a gift.) The score and cinamtography were dramatic and impelling. But this was more than the lure of constant action, interesting scenery and unexpected twists.

It's a long time since I saw a movie that I didn't predict from one third in. Dan Brown's writing may not be great, but I have to admit, the story line and premise were clever. And being able to dupe folks so well that they wonder if this movie's conspiracy could possibly be true-- well, that's genius, or inspired evil, depending on how you look at it. Wonder if Mr. Brown also sells bridges?
So, what good movies have you seen lately?


Jen said...

I just rented Aeon Flux. I loved the cartoon (not that I understood it or anything) and the movie did a good job with it.
Everyone I've talked to says "Da Vinci" is a faithful adaptation to the book. Did you think so?

Kimberly said...

I just finished the book and I definitely loved the storyline! I'm excited to see the movie. I'm with you though, wondering why people take the whole premise so seriously, what is so wrong with just enjoying something for the entertainment value.

As for great movies...I just watch and old favorite of mine Empire Records...there is just something about it I love.


Shawn said...

Which got me thinking -- why did I enjoy this movie so much?


I think you answered your own question.
It was violent, edged on blasphemy, lots of car chasing and double crossing.

Heather said...

I finshed the book last weekend, and am looking forward to seeing the movie, as well as "Over the Hedge." It's been ages since I've seen anything at an actual cinema, but recently rewatched "Romancing the Stone" and "Wag the Dog."

Loribelle Hunt said...

I haven't seen any movies lately. I'll have to check out the video store soon.

I almost hate to admit that I really liked this book lol. No, it wasn't the best written thing out there but it was fun and interesting. :)

Kristen Painter said...

I just saw The Code, too. I thought it was okay but had some slow parts. I didn't read the book and don't intend to.

The movie I'm really looking forward to? X-Men! Can you say Hugh Jackman? Sighhhhhhhhhhh.

Babe King said...

What can I say? Oz breeds hunky men. :-)