Saturday, May 20, 2006

Human leftovers

Babe's Always WriteAll that talk about cutting off bits that hang out of the box got me thinking, well that and the fact that I need to feed the kids in a household that desperately needs the Mummy to go shopping. The current scenario in our home goes something like this:
I look into the fridge.
Several things in there squint back.
"They's organized," warns the 6yo who's watched "Chicken Run" once too often.
"Organized?" I say. "That makes one of us."

If you're like me, when you clean out the left-overs from your fridge, you end up with some weird combinations. Spaghetti pizza, curry omlette, sushi soup. Yup, all those bits that missed their original calling make for culinary creativity to the misers amongst us. There's a dietary richness to be gained from stuff that will otherwise hog space as landfill. All it needs is for me to get my finger out.

So I'm making meatloaf dumplings with applesauce gravy and wondering, how many people we know are like these leftovers? Shoved away because we have too much in our lives right now to value them. Kept in the cold and dark for later, waiting for us to see them again and be inspired. How many folks do we leave until they are mouldy and useless and past their use-by date? When was the last time you looked in your fridge?

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Laura Bacchi said...

Interesting post, Babe. Makes me want to call old friends I've lost touch with.