Friday, June 02, 2006

Brides Maid in Heaven: The Blurb

Babe's Always WriteHah! You thought I'd say the movie, didn't you? I wish! Just a taste to show you what you'll be in for in.

Nurse Janie is at her wit’s end. Her folks expect her to shepherd her twin sister past a monumental attack of pre-wedding jitters. Now, just two days before the fairytale wedding, the flower girl has chickenpox, someone’s thrown up on the imported Italian napkins, and the bride has sunburned her face to a peeling pomegranate.

As problems increase, rivalries between the two sisters surface. Janie enlists the Best Man’s assistance to help her survive her twin’s pre-nuptual chamber of horrors, but he offers more insight into her own behavior than she’s ready to hear.

Can Janie overcome all hurdles to salvage her sisterly relationship, snag the best man, and survive the wedding, all while wearing a tasteless strawberry mousse bridesmaid’s dress? Even Superman didn’t have it this rough, and he wore his undies on the outside!

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Jen said...

Oh Babe this is great!!! What a terrific blurb.