Sunday, June 11, 2006

Under Wraps

Babe's Always WriteWhile I'm on a bondage theme, doing a little promo for a hot little book of a friend, Bebe Thomas.

Aurora's Passion Blurb:
Kris Anderssen is having a bad week. She lost her dream job and her lover on the same day and is in danger of losing her swanky New York apartment. She's regrouping by spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Aurora, her hometown. It's anything but relaxing. Her grandmother won't stop talking about the Northern Lights, the goddess Freya, and Norwegian folklore. Plus, Kris is more conflicted than ever, finding herself caught in a love triangle between her hot former boyfriend and her sexy best friend. She has feelings for each man; how can she possibly choose between them?

So is that Norwegian wood or Norwegian wouldn't?


Jen said...

Is that a bratwurst in your pocket or you happy to see me?
Great blurb. Hope Bebe sells a bunch.
Ya Ya Shoor shoor, Novegen vood is the best vood there is.

Tawny Taylor said...

That last line KILLED ME :)

Heather said...

Is that a bratwurst in your pocket or you happy to see me?

Bratwurst being a German sausage, not Norwegian, Lutefisk would have been a whole lot funnier!

Babe King said...

If there's a bratwurst in MY pocket I'll be smothering it in mustard and sinking my teeth in. Or Lutefisk either. All SNAGs welcome as long as they're there to feed me.