Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In the Pressure Cooker

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I think I've been wearing a "kick me" sign lately. Seriously, just because my buns look like a couple of spandex-wrapped soccer balls doesn't mean I'm waiting for your boot. Oi. I went to a Marine College open day and had the girl organizing the simulator tried to skip me in the queue when there wasn't room for everyone- after my kids and I were the second lot to join the queue and thousands came later. We just looked like a soft touch. Then I had the organizers of an on-line group I belong to mistakenly slip me in with the pile of slackers they were sacking as moderators. Me, who always does the job. Hah! Turns out it was just a slip by the overworked organizers but gee, why me? I'm feeling really picked on. Then the neighbors dumped a huge snake-attracting, fire-risk pile of timber next to my fence which is a stone's throw from my door. AND they bought a mini bike which they ride all weekend up and down the piece of driveway that flanks my house. I tell ya, I'm a mild-mannered, peace loving person but I am fast reaching blow point. Ten, nine, eight....

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