Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mad Cows

Moo-ve over? Is it true that the Crabby Cows have hoofed off for greener pastures? I herd that they had their hairy rumps tanned because someone had a beef with their raw hide crit style. Puh-lease! It's not like they went out snatching scenes from under the writer's pillow. If you don't want to have your weakesses milked, don't shove your M.S. in their dairy-air. It's a sad day when folks ask for the truth, you give it to them, and you're in trouble because it was a different truth that they were seeking. That's really asking for a faceful of pat answers of the cow pat variety.

But the cows are gone, huh? Sad. I guess it was inevitable someone would roast them or a least drive a steak through their heart . Anyone outstanding in their field, as is the usual bovine want, is targetted for the abattoir from the moment they chew their cud in public. Death to rumination, er... ruminants. What I want to know is, if it's a zoo out there as everyone so often claims, why aren't animals protected? Bring back the bull, er.... cows.


Amanda Brice said...

You crack me up with all the puns!

Laura Rose said...

Sad to see them go. Your puns crack me up too.

Oh, PS, you've been tagged.

Heather said...

ROFL at your puns, but so sad that they bowed to the critics.