Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Spoken Doughnut

Today I'm going to plead Agnes Allen's Law - "Almost anything is easier to get into than out of." How true!

On one of my loops I opened a can of worms with a comment I made about a moral issue close to my heart- a woman's right to choose what happens to her body versus the right of the aborted child. Now anyone who knows me will attest my mouth goes off without thinking about the wisdom of remaining silent sometimes. Just because I have an opinion doesn't mean I should share it. Of course if I was pro-abortion it would be safe and even lauded to share my opinion. Sigh.

Not that I am against women owning their bodies- heck no. But the time to make their choices is when they want to have sex. No contraception is foolproof. Are the risks acceptable? No? Then don't have sex right now. We're not amoebas- we do have a choice. Expecting some innocent baby to pay with its life for you to be able to do whatever you feel like is morally wrong to me, and besides, I think it hurts the women who choose it, too. I don't say these things lightly and there is always the exception/extenuating circumstances etc. I won't judge you if you choose to abort your baby. No one died and made me God. But I would like to say as someone who has studied embryology that these are people not cells. (Unless you are talking morning-after pill- that to me is a judgement call)

As someone who has cared for premature babies I beg you for compassion. Most of us would not accept having a puppy torn to pieces and the bits sucked up so why is it okay for a baby? I once helped save a 32 week abortion. Yes, that is ridiculous and too late to even consider termintation but it happens. Where do you draw the line? We can save babies as young as 23 weeks gestation and that age keeps getting pushed back with technology. These little people are precious. It makes my heart sick to hear others who have never studied these wonders much less seen or cared for them talk about abortion so flippantly. "If I fall pregnant before I'm ready I'll just abort it." Oi. I'd like to take them with me to a birth, then show them on an ultrasound just what they have inside them before they make such choices and statements. At least they should know the seriousness of the choices they make.

But you know, whatever I say it will just label me as a bigot or religious nut or something else derogatory because this view is not the one they want to hear, it is not popular and probably also not PC. Perhaps I should learn to be a word doughnut instead, just spinning round and round, never making a point and with nothing in my heart. At least then I would not offend anyone by disagreeing with their POV.


Laine Morgan said...

Hi Babe! Just wanted to say I agree with you 100%! Good for you for speaking what is close to your heart.

Zinnia said...

I agree too. I had to do a research paper on abortion and the different procedures. I cried while reading the material and writing it. Heck, when I gave my lecture on abortion, I got all choked up.

Babe King said...

Thanks girls. It's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks this way.