Monday, December 25, 2006

What Did You Get For Christmas?

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Crikey, talk about bring out the Christmas nuts! Out of all the wonderful things out there, this is what my boys got me! They reckon I get stressed because I'm the only one in the house who doesn't have a set. Hmmm... Could be some truth in that. I think maybe I should start a whole collection then. Wadda ya reckon? I'll ask the Easter bunny for a carving knife.

I may be talking to the boys again by February. Maybe.

What did you get for Christmas? Maybe we can swap. :-)
Hope you had a real ball, er... good time.


Anonymous said...

I got a new stereo and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. We're not swapping. Nope, not happening!

Laura said...

I got framed family portraits (you can have them if you really want :P), a "Coffee Survival Kit" (nope, you're not getting that, LOL), some new skin care stuff from the body shop and a box of soaps with the following fragrance range... white cherry, sugar plum, tuberose & lily, violette, chocolat and ... wait for it... cola. Hmmm-mmm, yes, you too can smell like soft drink!!

Babe King said...

Maybe that's so you can pour yourself into a dress??? :-)
Um, I'll pass on the portraits, but if you change your mind about the coffee.....

Babe King said...

Awh, Heather. You sure? I could just see you with your own set of testicles and I LOVE pirates. And Johnny Depp. Just saw the movie at the cinema a couple of weeks ago, and bought myself Pirates 1 in the post christmas sales for $10. Bargain.

Boxing day was so much better than Christmas. For one thing, everyone lay around like bloated ticks and didn't hassle me, plus I didn't have to cook coz there was enough leftovers in my fridge to feed the whole neighborhood. Sitting back with a cup of Lady Grey and some fresh cherries, checking my computer sites and watching "Click". Not bad. Not bad at all. :-) Next year maybe I can skip Christmas and go straight to the day after.