Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Down the Literary Road

Some critics have said that my work sounds too literary for pop lit and in particular for contemporary romance. That may be a fair comment given how much literary work I've studied and how much I still love it. While I know those are my roots, I try to bring the elements of literature that I adore to the elements of pop lit that I love and marry them for a pleasing hybrid. As to whether I do that well or bastardise both in the process, well... that remains to be seen. I'm sure my readers will let me know.

I've just finished reading John Connolly's "The White Road." Wow! Gruesome, gritty, like a montage of waking nightmares. Just! There must be a place in popular romance for the power and stirring of such works as these.

Do yourself a favor. But read it with the light on!


Kristen Painter said...

I'm sure it's great but scary things scare me. lol I'm a total chicken when it comes to scary stuff.

Babe King said...

It's very gruesome -- and delves into the USA's black-white racial problems. Very thought provoking.