Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I've been pimped all over the place today. Had a list of sites, but the computer ate them. Drat! I do still have this one from Pet's Gazette which is pimping the anthology I lead- Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers- releases August

Don't forget to enter my contests for The Marian Kind and Something Blue!

And if you're not going to the Romance Diva virtual conference, why not? Rhonda did a great trim the fat seminar that saw me murder a dozen thats. The Larsen Pomada agency had an interesting talk where I found out she's looking for an MS just like the one I'm currently writing. Fancy that! Plus there's the bar and awesome door prizes. So move your bootie on over there!

Babe (who really needs more than 3 hours sleep... yawn.)

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