Tuesday, March 20, 2007


And not in a wicked, groovy, awesome Austin Powers type of way. The lurgy has me by the throat, which is my excuse for being such a bad blogger lately. Sorry.

Not all my news is bad though. One Doctor: Well Heeled finalled in the Romance Diva's WAW query contest. Yay! Since the new and improved version of my query (as opposed to the old and inferior version) has to be in this Thursday, I hope I can make a decent fist of it with my head full of marshmallows. (Actually my head is full of much more disgusting stuff, but let's stick with marshmallows for now, okay?)

So look out Paula Eykelhof, exec ed at Harlequin, here I come. Gee I hope she likes Australian stuff better than Tara at HQN. Otherwise I might have to cry and go kick a kangaroo or two.


Bonnie Ferguson said...

(((Babe))) on feeling sick, but woo hoo on finalling in the query contest!!!

Babe King said...

Thanks Bonnie.

Heather said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Babe. Congrats again in finaling in the contest! Go get 'em!

Babe King said...

thanks, Heather