Friday, September 07, 2007

Americans, be afraid!!!!!!!!

Be very afraid. Australia is holding your president hostage in an undisclosed Australian jail where he is being tortured daily (by having to listen to our Prime Minister. It's rumored that Osama Bin Ladan visited to get his autograph, but nearly had snipers turn him into a colander.

Never fear, I have decided to release your president unharmed providing all Americans purchase at least one copy of all my books. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll have to let the killer koalas eat him with their gum leaves.


Heather said...

Be afraid? Honey, our fear is that you'll release him. We couldn't by any chance convince to take Cheaney hostage for the next year and a half as well, could we? :D

L.K. Campbell said...

Watch out, Babe. With the current climate of our government, someone might actually think you're serious and throw you in jail for terrorism.
But hey, it's a unique form of promotion. I was on a loop the other day, and someone promo'd their book by saying, "Buy my book, or I'll kill myself." The sad thing was that the book was about depression.

Babe King said...

lol, Heather. You don't think we have enough political deadwood of our own?

Lucinda, yeah, I did wonder after I put it in which was why I didn't put in the key words. A bit like the rumors of betrayal of Caesar in ROman times, huh? You guys did hear about the Osama stunt by Oz comedians, right? Nearly got very nasty, no joke. These dudes pushed the edge and almost got themselves shot. Security were not amused.

Babe King said...

Oh, and the "or I'll kill myself" angle... puh-lease. If I'm gonna kill myself it won't be to sell books. I'd say "get a life" but I guess that's a tad crass under the circumstances. Y'all know I wouldn't pull a stunt like that, right? I was just messing with you. :-)