Sunday, July 09, 2006


Forget triffids. Blackcurrants are taking over my world. Hmm, or it could be my procrastination catching up with me. The Christmas eve before last I shattered my leg and well, learning to walk again took priority for a time. My soft fruits came and went in season without my ever-loving presence in the orchard. Some withered on the vine. Some I bribed my son to pick, but given how difficult it was to cook them hobbling around on crutches in my multi-level kitchen , mostly the fruit got frozen in bags for me to deal with later.

Roll forward eighteen months. I now have no excuse for those currants to be patiently waiting in my freezer, but somehow there always seems to be more to do than the time to do it. The currants currently glare accusingly everytime I open the freezer door. (A good excuse to eat take-out I say!)

Except I just sold my house. Oh no! I have to defrost my industrial-size freezer ready for removal. (And yes, that freezer was my initial mistake. Smaller freezers mean you can't put stuff off so long.) Not one, not two, but four ecconomy size tubs of currants are still clattering their nails waiting for me to attend to them. Yikes!

So, today I made two full recipes of jam, one large pot of blackcurrant flummery, and with all that I have ALMOST emptied one tub. Never again. This is right up there with the seven thousand pots of stewed rhubarb and apple that filled the other shelves of my freezer. What was I thinking? Of opening a men's shelter? Or a pie shop? Of becoming the next Sweedy Todd?

So I need more sugar and I need the kids to eat up all this food. They're starting to look purplish black from eating currants, and I swear, SWEAR, I will never put off 2 seasons of fruit again. Of course, the fact the new home we're moving into doesn't have currant bushes in should help.


Anonymous said...

Oh man that's a lot of currants {:0

Michele said...

Babe, Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
Very curious tho - by what route did you find me?
I'm always a curious kitty.

Currants? I've never ever eaten any ... from the volumes you've processed, I guess they must be tasty.

Congrats on the new house, always an adventure in "Murphy's Law" , LOL

Enjoyed the pics on your blog - had a fit of giggles I did!

Michele said...

OH! I forgot to mention,
Aren't triffids those man eating plants from outer space that are defeated by Salt Water?
I love that show - the American version.
The Brits kind of tried to intellectualize their version and it put me to sleep.

Amanda Brice said...

Wow that's a lot of currants!

Heather said...

Holy heck that's a lot of currents. Whatever were you thinking, Babe??

Kristen Painter said...

Mmmm...currents. Feel free to mail some of that jam to the US. Florida specifically. :o)

Babe King said...

Gee the postal service would love that K, esp if the jar broke in transit. I'm now down to 1 bucket of currants, having made currant and blueberry pancakes and currant and vanilla bean fritters. Soon to make currant cake and currant muffins and currant cordial and that should, SHOULD, be the last of them. Never again!
And Heather, think? We Babes know only "do". Think didn't come into it. Normally I make gallons of cordial for the church luncheons but since I broke my leg that went by the wayside, hence the build up of supplies.
Michele, um, I can't remember what path I took. I just hopped along picking places randomly since I was too tired to move or write so it seemed like a fun way to spend the rest of an evening- sort of like going visiting folk without having to get dressed up or drive anywhere. Currants are a bit tart on their own, but nice cooked into things and make great cordials and jams.

Jodie said...

Holy guachamoli...I mean, blackcurrent flummery.

Thats alotta blackcurrents. Sounds like you can create a backery from that!

Silma said...

Yikes girl! You could put out a little kiosko and sell them. *g*

Tempest Knight said...

Oh, that happened to be once with mangoes. *lol* I had to give them away or they'd have gone to waste. And the stink of them when that happens.