Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Words for Chocolate!

Wanna enter my contest? As promo for my novella Brides Maid in Heaven, currently available for sale at By Grace Publishing, I am giving readers the chance to win these famous Oz choco treats, Tim Tams. Entering is easy. Just read the excerpt and tell me what Janie keeps beside her bed. Email me at mixalns@yahoo.com


"The wedding's off," Janie blurted as she collapsed onto her bed's floral patchwork quilt. With an Oscar-winning sob and practiced flair, she threw a hand over her forehead.

Katie winced. So this was what someone about to have all her dreams come true looked like. Great. Everyone counted on her to calm Janie down. No easy task. The wedding had been called off a dozen times in the last two weeks, every time the smallest thing went wrong. By the time the day arrived, she'd have ulcers the size and depth of the Marianas Trench.

She chewed her lip and let her gaze wander around her sister's room. Except for the loud, slurping sobs reverberating off the walls, it could be an ad for Brides are Us. Lace stockings, fake orange blossoms, and the traditional blue satin garter formed a pile of hope on a bedside chair. An untidy pile of wedding magazines sprawled across the silky oak dresser, their pages heavily earmarked and promising such tantalising articles as "Make Your Honeymoon Count." Bridal Mathematics 101.

The bride-to-be rolled toward the wall and hid her face under the bedding, her knees stiffly folded under her like a wounded grasshopper. The wailing and gnashing of teeth intensified into master class intensity. Perfect.

Katie resisted rolling her eyes. Instead, she sat beside Janie's pillow and patted her twin's head. "It can't be that bad," she crooned. "Give me another look at your face." She raked Janie's thick brown hair behind one ear.

The crying lessened, as it often did when Janie succeeded in making herself the center of attention. With an indelicate sniff, she lifted her head. Her lips rolled together and her chin dimpled as she struggled not to cry. Her sunburned cheeks glowed like two bright red traffic lights. The rest of her face wasn't much better. Katie sucked in a quick breath. Two days until the fairytale wedding and the bride looked like a broiled lobster. Her Ruby Roses lipstick would match more than her nail polish, but now wasn't the time to say so.
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And come get the Tim Tams. Go on. You know you want to. :-) Good luck!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Stacy Dawn said...

I love contests...it's a good promo thing.

Oh, you have mail LOL

Heather said...

Great editorial comments and neat as well that the Samhain ed used you as a teaching example on her own blog. Can't beat free publicity! Lots of great info there, too, and it kind of made me feel good in that, most of her points were ones made in my promo article (http://romancedivas.com/articles/TheArtOfSelfPromotion.pdf) posted in the RD resource section last year. Congrats on getting the cover uploaded to your sidebar and figuring out how to link it to your publisher. I hope you get a lot of increased traffic and sales as a result!

Tempest Knight said...

OMG! Chocolate... *drools* Too bad I'm diabetic. *sighs*