Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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Now if this isn't a sweet little way to promo, you tell me what is. Here's the deal. You put the above image on your blog, email Stacy at and tell her Babe sent you and we go in the draw for all kinds of cool prizes(Two winners will receive a copy of her story plus a promo pack.) What you waiting for? This ends as of 17th of July, so hurry!


Stacy Dawn said...

That's Fabulous Babe! If you could just add that it's available from it will be name is entered!!

Babe King said...

Y'all hear that? Wildrose press- sounds like a craft, huh. Though I gotta admit I have no idea how to add that info to the original post if that's what you mean, Stacy. Read my profile, esp technophobe bit. :-)