Thursday, July 13, 2006

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite

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Happy Bastille Day, celebrating the death of the French king in 1789. (Nice when folks are so happy that you're dead that they set up an annual holiday to enjoy it!) That massacre started three and a half years of bloody anarchy for the French people, a lesson we can all learn from. Be warned, be afraid, and well ... um, don't kill the king. Especially the Babe King. (Are you listening out there in Reviewer-land?)

I love the French slogan -- Liberty, Egality, and Fraternity. (Patriotism meets Madison Avenue) May all writers embrace these noble tennets. Be free, equal and bonded. Hang on a sec! Does that mean I work for nothing, using an Equal sugar substitute in my coffee and have my butt glued to the seat. Darn! Well, have a happy holiday anyway, and don't take crepe from anyone.


Heather said...

Viva la France! :-D

Knew there was a reason I awoke singing "Le Marseillaise" this morning. Hehe.... And darn it all, Babe -- now you have me hungry for crepes and all I have for lunch is leftover Hamburger Helper. So cruel!

Zeek said...

"don't take crepe from anyone"

Very Punny!

Mais oui

Amanda Brice said...

You always crack me up, Babe. :

Hubby and I are going to a bastille day party tonight. :)

Michele said...

**lots of giggles**