Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Inner Beauty

I am writing another inspy novella for Christmas and my heroine is a slightly dowdy, 52 year old spinster. With a cat. She's a spinster because she's always cared for her sick brother and she's a mother hen type. The thing is, I wonder if readers want to read about women like this? Given the heroine is supposed to be someone the reader wants to be, would a slightly frumpy sweet heart who falls in love for the first time at 52 be appealing?
What I'm trying to say with this story is that love can find anyone, anytime, at any age or stage of life. You are never too old, too old-fashioned, too fat whatever. Am I off course in believing readers will associate with that? I mean, all of us feel unlovable at times for whatever reasons, but love looks at us with different eyes.
So, tell me, am I going senile believing this can work?


Amanda Brice said...

Now, maybe I'm wrong, but I've never thought of the heroine as someone that the readers want to be, but rather someone that the reader can relate to. That's what makes a good book, imho.

I mean, really. Did anyone TRULY want to be Bridget Jones? (Excpet for the whole getting Colin Firth at the end) No, but we all loved her anyway, because her character was relatable and lovable.

I'd defintely read this story, even if I'm not a 52-year-old spinster, because I'd love to see that love can come at all times.

Debbie said...

I would definitely read a story like this, and I think having it set at Christmas will be even more magical.

Michele said...

Let's see... YES as long as there is an HEA!!!!!!!

Why am I so sure?

Ever read Nicholas Sparks?

I've read two of his and never ever will I read another.

One of the ones I DID read, was about a 50 +yr old woman who finds love again unexpectedly. It was sweet and I was enjoying it immensely, until Mr. Spark pulled his type of ending. After 1/2 a box of tissues and a resolve Never to read his stories again ...(which I haven't) I came away let down, disappointed and sad.

If your 50+ woman has an HEA , count me in as a reader. I need to balance that old memory. I have yet to read anything like it to wipe out the sad and morose feelings left over to this day.

Granted, it means Mr. Sparks is an incredible story teller - I just can't handle it.

Please write your story.

Tempest Knight said...

As long as your heroine is likeable and believable, then I'm sure your readers will relate to her. Remember that now the 50s is the new 40s. *lol* So women aren't thinking "oh gosh, I'm 50 so I'm old." Now they think "Yeah, I'm 50 and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want." C'mon... people are more willing to believe that a 50-yr-old woman is even sexually active yet. That wasn't so 20 yrs. ago. *rofl*

Shelley Munro said...

I would definitely read a story like this, and as Debbie mentioned a Christmas setting would make it very special. Please write - the 52-year-old spinster definitely needs a happy ever after.

Shelley Munro said...

PS - I love the website :-)

Heather said...

Not unrealistic at all, and I think a lot of readers can relate to older heroines finding love adn a life of their own after years of being a caretaker. Heck, one of my half sisters didn't marry until she was 40. Which gives me at least a little hope.

Babe King said...

Music to my ears, and yes, Glory gets a HEA.

Amanda, I'd be Bridget as long as I didn't have to wear those awful undies.

Shelly, I'm so excited about my new website I could bust. It has been a long and tortuous road coming. Thank God for Kristen is all I can say. :-)

Eva Gale said...

I love stories like that. It is the definition of romance, that love comes and wins.