Thursday, January 25, 2007

Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars

Happy Australia Day Y'All
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It's Australia Day and the boys went to a ferret show which left the kitchen free for me to cook up several buckets of fruit -- pies, iceblocks, stewed fruit, you name it. The fruit leathers are the best. They send a warm peach smell right through the house- lovely. But it seems I may have too much of a good thing. My smallest son balked at peach smoothies this morning. "Ya know, I'm getting mighty sick of peaches," he told me. I think serving them 3 times a day is considered child abuse in some countries. But hey, I'm a mean mum. I understand his point though. I'm starting to look like a peach. Must be time to shave. Hah!


Babe King said...

Gack, the time change always gets me. You guys are still in yesterday. It's the 26th here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Australia Day! :)

Kristen Painter said...

Happy Late Australia Day! I'll be greeting people with G'day, mate! in honor of the occasion.