Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Musical Son

I've bragged about my son no. 1 enough to make you all reach for the bucket, right?, did I mention he won best Tasmania folk tune at the Cygnet folk festival in 2002, was Tasmania's Under 19 Composer of the Year in 2005, and that there is video footage of him playing in concert with the greats of Tas folk in the Australian music archives? Only a million times? Is that all? :-)

I might add, since then I can't get him to enter the competitions here. It's like conquered teritory and he's not interested. Boys! Anyway, it's a short taste because I'm not great with techo things, but at least you'll get to see why I'm proud. I hope.


Babe King said...

Hmm, anyone know how to make it run rather than presenting as a still? Color me embarassed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no idea, but it's a nice pic. I know you've mentioned that he played, but I never knew he was THAT talented.

Kristen Painter said...

Babe, if you have a video to show, the best way to do it is set up an account at YouTube and use their services to put videos on your blog. That's how I do it.

Babe King said...

Cool. Thanks, K. I'll try that.

And Heather, yeah, the boy is astounding on the fiddle. Also plays mandolin and penny whistle. I'd like him to learn piano. Maybe this year.

He earns all his own pocket money with fiddle and has for years. Started playing free concerts for the old folks homes at 4. Then progressed to public malls etc by 5.

I hate to admit it, but when he was little he used to "work" the American tourists when they got off the cruise boats. US guys used to drop $10 bills in his case and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Other than a few shop keepers and pubs who paid him $20 to play outside them to draw customers, it was the most he'd ever seen. I made him store the big dough away towards buying a decent fiddle. (currently has $4000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that amazing!

Anyway, what he used to do was as soon as he saw Americans in the square he'd play the Stars and Stripes, then seige into Yankie Doodle and a whole swathe of American blue grass intermingled with classic/well known Australian folk tunes. Well, ya should have seen the reaction. Nothing for him to draw a crowd of 50-60 people all oohing and ahing and shooting video footage of him.

Unfortunately where we are at the mo we don't get the big cruise boats in and I know it's hurt his violin fund. He's aiming for $8000 to get an instrument with the sound he prefers, and then of course there's all the new balanced bow etc- the expenses never end with fiddle, but at least we see something positive for them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Babe! Love the pics. Of course, you're proud. Who wouldn't be? I'd say, he needs to meet Sam Bush and get reinvigorated. :)