Monday, January 01, 2007

Packing Up Last Year

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This is all the baggage I am NOT taking with me into 2007 -- all the disappointments and angers, the mistakes and failures. Nope. Gone. Nothing like a mental clean-out to start the year right.

Next, resolutions. I resolve not to make any, that way I have none to break. :-)
But I did drink about 5 glasses of water so far today, and push myself to endorphin level on the beast. (that's my slidy-walker machine for those who don't know.) I intend to try to spend at least 30 minutes slaying that beast every day from now on. (No, of course that's not a resolution. Otherwise I'd break it.)

Oh, and I finally wrote the charity piece I promised. I'll blog soon about the charity. It's one I really believe in, saving child prostitutes in Thailand. Having been in the clinics on the Mekong where the working girls are 50% AIDS positive, believe me, this is a worthy charity. By the time these girls escape the brothels not only have their childhoods been stolen, but the rest of their lives are ruined, and that just burns me up. Sex- used unwisely, is a very, very cruel thing.

What non-resolutions have your made to greet the new year?

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