Friday, January 12, 2007

My New Charges

Or should that be chargers? :-) Meet Rose and Tex, the two polo ponies I'm babysitting until April. Aren't they beee-autiful? And the horse poo isn't such a bad thing for my compost heap either.

Well done Kristen and Yammy for guessing my new girls were horses. Good try on the alpaca, Heather. I am still looking into that. But tell me, clever girls, what do you think got into the dog bowl? Answer next week --shoot, I'll put the photo up because you'd never believe me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh Babe - they're beautiful! Do you get to ride them too?

Maggie Nash said...

Beautiful horses Babe... had a few people going there for a while...LOL

Kristen Painter said...

Oh, they're just gorgeous! I love horses.

As for the dog bowl, I'm guessing a wombat.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!

Can't blame me for guessing alpacas, though, since we had discussed your desire for a pair some time ago. Someday, eh...?

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful :)