Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Is it just me, or are the rest of you glad to hear Jenny Crusie is having trouble writing her latest book? So much trouble that she stashed the manuscript away for years after a heart-rendering meeting with her ed and the story only resurfaced recently. Wow. My idol is human after all! Even now she's not sure the tale is doable and her blog is all about doubt and worry and trying things she's unsure of, you know, just like our blogs usually are.

My pleasure is not tall poppy syndrome, honest. I like poppies. When I need pain relief I REALLY like poppies. What produces my pleasure is knowing that I'm not alone. I belong to the sisterhood of "I can't believe what I'm doing and at this point have no clue how to pull it off" writers. Yay us. And double yay Jenny for being so honest about her struggles. (Says a lot about her as a person.) This is yet more proof that perseverence and continual learning and trying new things are what get you there (wherever the magical "there" actually is), and that some projects are just never gonna work but that's okay coz it means you haven't slipped into predicable, safe plotting and characters.

Or maybe her difficulties just prove that colourful saying about excrement happening? In any case, it gives this poppy-loving little writer hope.

Keep the faith, sisters.


Amanda Brice said...

Jenny is a goddess. Nobody better be talkin' smack about my idol.

Actually, I kinda agree with you. Makes her more human, you know?

Eva Gale said...

Tagged you!

You can tell me how much you love me later.

Michelle said...

I agree too. It does make her more like the rest of us. They probably all are - it's just hard to see from where we stand. LOL. Especially me, cause I'm not sure I'll ever be that good.