Sunday, February 04, 2007

Life's Just Peachy

This is my kitchen bench and one day's harvest. (Yes, I get a bucket load or more of fruit every day- isn't that awesome!) I only wish this was smell-a-blogging I tell ya. It's a funny thing how one day is all pooh, well, fertilizer if you want to get technical, and the next bears results that, even though you slogged your guts out for them, still come as a pleasant surprise.
Besides my juicy haul here, today has been one of harvest. I got several thank yous from contest entries I judged saying how much I helped them. I got a thumbs up from a beta reader saying One Doctor: Well Heeled is awesome and Medallion would be nuts not to grab it. And someone I considered a friend and then thought she didn't like me anymore contacted me. Yay! Also, I got an invitation to write a short story for a Freya's Bower anthology, Dreams and Desires.
So though the poop has been thick and stinky around here lately, the sweet fruits are finally forming and getting rid of the bad taste in my mouth.
Here's to a bumper harvest!


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, Babe :)

Jen said...

Congrats, Babe! Loved your query btw.
Those peaches make my mouth water.

Heather said...

Pity your trees aren't bearing any peaches this year, hehe....

Here's wishing you a bountiful harvest on all fronts!