Friday, June 22, 2007

Win! Win! Win!

Brides and Bouquets 2007 is now available for sale at Lulu

Pastor Nathan awaits his version of Gideon’s fleece before asking his childhood love, Petra, to marry him. But a self-righteous businessman, savior of their village, asks her first! It’ll take an ugly town fountain, homicidal high heels and an irate Irishman to prove God really does work in mysterious ways.

Paperback book $11.74
Download $4.69

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As a way to say thank you to my readers, I am holding a contest. Email me at
and quote a line from the dedication on "Something Blue" (as proof of purchase) to go into the running to win a copy of Brides and Bouquets 2006.

Any entry that also signs up for my reader's list will also go in the running for an Australian treat-- their choice of either a bag or a stuffed bilby. Please state if you only read sweet, or if you also read tangy.

So your entry should be:
Your name
a line from the dedication
yes/no to join the readers list
sweet only/sweet and tangy/tangy only


Good luck!

For those of you who prefer snark, don't despair. "The Marian Kind" comes out this month too and I'll be running a similar contest for that one. So stay tuned.


Kristen Painter said...

Got my copy this morning!

Tempest Knight said...

Yay! Awesome! Happy many sales! :)

Sela Carsen said...

You've been blogged!

Babe King said...

Thanks, girls.