Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Cat's in the Cradle

And other places apparently. My 13 year old has been furry funny again mutilating lyrics. I caught him singing this version of the old classic to his brother. Apparently he read a spoof on the net somewhere and came up with his own embellishments. The finished product, I'm sure you will agree, is definitely hmmmmmm worthy.

Did you ever think that when you eat Chinese
It aint fried chicken but a dead Siamese
The food tastes great so you don't complain
Though it's not pig you're eating but feline chow mein
And though it looks like sweet and sour pork
It's Garfield on my fork.
Yes, they're telling me cheese is chalk.

Oh the cat's in the kettle at The Peking Moon
And it gets boiled up every day at noon
They feed their patrons cat, but you'd never know
Cause they wrap it up in pastry dough
Yeah then they fry it up in dough

I went to Peking Moon just the day before
Caught them dialing up for birdies at the old pet store
I said that now I knew it all I'd lost my appetite
Cause all those cats in my belly had decided to fight
But I picked up my fork and I heard something mew
And that was when I knew, yeah, for certain that was when I knew

Oh the cat's in the kettle at The Peking Moon
I'd better stopping eating here really soon
Cause I'm sure I saw a member of the RSPCA
Walking past here just today day, boys
And they'll blow this place away

Oh the cat's in the kettle at The Peking Moon
And it's blood is on the hands of the slanty-eyed goon
When they'll close this joint, well it can't be long
'Cause what they're doin's wrong, boys
Which is why I'm singing this song.


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine your kids singing this and laughing their heads off.

My cats, on the other hand, did not find it amusing at all. Yes, my cats do read all the same blogs I do and make comments on occasion. :)

Babe King said...

Yes, they're naughty, though I must admit they also love cats. I, on the other hand, can't be anywhere near cats or cat hair because I'm SOOOO allergic. It's a pity.

Sara Thacker said...

He's very talented. I'm not sure that it's well used talent, but it's there.

Lady_Naomi said...


Heather said...

Squeaky says she is not amused (but I was groaning and laughing as I read along).

Amanda Brice said...


Lillian Feisty said...

LOL, that's funny.

I love cat food.