Thursday, November 09, 2006

Excuse Me!

I thought for a laugh I'd get involved in 13 Thursday. Yes, I know it is Friday here but that's what I get for living in tomorrow land and having so many friends living in yesterday, AKA USA. (Hmm, starting my own alphabet system there.)

Okay, time for my Thirteen Excuses, um .... Reasons Why I am Not Writing at the Moment. :-)

1. My kids just came home from school so I have to peel the teacher's notes and newsletter from the pear core and sandwich remains in the bottom of their bag

2. The sun is still shining outside and it's such a lovely day that if I waste it whoever is organizing daylight saving may put mine into someone else's bank account

3. I'm supposed to be writing a short story for the Cleo Posse competition and my brain has gone completely blank.

4. My CP sent me a great bag of novels to read and I can hear them calling my name.

5. For some reason the maid I don't have hasn't turned up and someone has to get dinner underway pretty soon or the kids will eat the wallpaper.

6. I have so many projects I SHOULD be doing that it's safer to procrastinate and not start any of them.

7. I still haven't unpacked my house yet. (Hey, it's only been 3 months!)

8. I still don't have my new reading glasses and they're the ones set up for computer use (to reduce glare/strain), so consider my not writing as preventative health

9. I don't see any multi-book carrot hanging in front of my face people, editors-- evil glare---

10. Um, I don't need a tenth excuse since there's a zero on the end of the number and that means I just say nothing.

11. Legs eleven- yep, time to shave them. My stockings are starting to look like christmas trees and that isn't allowed until December

12. By the time I finish this blog entry my fingers will have dropped off.

13. I live in tomorrow land so naturally I have to do it tomorrow.

D'ats all folks.


MG Braden said...

I'm so # 7, except we've been here 4 months now. To be fair I don't think we need what's in most of those boxes but if we throw/give them away we will, of course. Plus some of them are books and we don't have any bookshelves since our last place had built-in's!

Good TT and hey some of your friends live in Canada! :-)

Babe King said...

True. And Canadians are a lot of fun. Stacey sent me a prize pack with Canadian stickers and a book mark with the Canadian anthem on it. The kids were rapt.

Tempest Knight said...

I'm close to #3. I have to write this novel Red Sage ask me to submit on an idea I proposed, and guess what? My brain is B-L-A-N-K! Ugh!