Sunday, November 12, 2006

One More Push!

My time is full, more than full actually, but I just proved you can always cram something more into a full bag. (See, I should have asked Kristen or some other shopping guru earlier to find out this was entirely possible! Of course another shopping bag/ring/C note will fit on my hand.)

Last Friday I recieved an invitation to enter the Cleo Pozzo Literature competition. My schedule for this week was ... well, spilling over into next week! Yikes. But I really wanted to enter this, and at the urging of my CPs who have much more confidence in my abilities than I do, I decided to give it a try. To get the story posted and there on time, I'd only have 3 days in preparation. One plotting and freaking out, one writing and drinking copious coffee, one editing/printing and freaking out.

So "Ashes to Ashes" was born. On time. One of my CPs rushed it through final edits in just over an hour and loved it. Woo Hoo. Always good to hear.

So now I am sitting here in shock. I did it! I really did. Met a deadline shorter than Goldie Hawn's skirt. BUT, and there's always a but, now I'm out of printer ink and have to save my masterpiece onto a memory stick and print it out at work. I'll still be on time as long as no more catastophies fall on me. I even have an hour or so to spare. Who'd have thought it? (Yes, I will have to get the housework, dinner preparation, and grocery shopping done in under half an hour, but what's that for Super Babe, ye of little faith?)

Next time you're looking into a chock-a-block bag thinking you're done, remember, there is aways room for one more little thing if you squeeze hard enough.

Happy sardining, y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Go, Stupendous Babe! I'm glad your CPs pushed you on this one. You've now proven something to yourself. YOu can write fast and finish when necessary.