Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Crying Like a Babe

No, I'm not sad. I'm touched to tears. Today I recieved the most amazing gift from my American CP and friend -- a whole bag of books and promo stuff. Now to those of you who live in America this may not be as big a deal since you likely get stuff like this at every conference, but to me.... um, wow. It was like a decade worth of Christmases all came together.

T-shirts, badges, books, pens, bath crystals ... you name it. I am totally blown away. I'm as giddy as a toddler on a ferris wheel. Wow. Now I don't know what to read first and I'm dancing from book to book in pure, tearful glee. My kids are both eyeing off the lolly pop (yeah, you can bet I'll use that idea when I next need to promo) and I think I'll spend the evening looking up the sites of the donators of this great stuff. Anyone that generous must have a good heart, and good hearts make for good writing.

So I'm a thankful Babe today. Thankful for friends who believe in me and my writing, and the love in that support brings me to tears. May you all feel as valued as I do right now. You deserve it.


Kristen Painter said...

Makes you wish birthdays came twice a year, doesn't it? lol

Babe King said...

Except then you'd need to mortgage your house to pay postage. :-0

Lillian Feisty said...

Aw! That is too cool! You sound like a kid on Christmas morning. How neat.