Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Think I Love Kristin Nelson

Oh my hat, have you read Evil Editor?

I nearly wet my pants reading Kristin's "pick the plot" sections and her comments on the guitarist-secretly-turned-wrestler MS -- deliciously snarky and hilarious to boot (though I think she sank said boot into the last victim's fundamental orifice.) She certainly doesn't wrestle with diplomacy! PC stands only for personal computer to this girl, no politically correct punches or half-Nelsons pulled. But she also offers advice on how to do it better, how to get it right next time. Gotta love that!

I think I have a new addiction. Like I needed something else to claim my time.... But hey, she's an agent. I'll class it as research. :-)

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Maggie Jaimeson said...

Yeah, Kristin is VERY good as an agent and editor. Actually, she's pretty sweet but she knows her stuff. Was she guesting on Evil Editor? I'll have to go back and find it.