Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eeek, I'm Dying

Tie-dyeing that is. Heeeeeeeello 1960's. Not that I remember them of course, but then they say anyone who does wasn't really there. Besides, I'm more of a caffeine powered than flower power kind of person.

Anyway, since I had to mix up a vat of dye to finish off the 13 year old's batik, I figured I'd do tie-dyeing with the 7 yr old. Tie-dyeing is such a hippie/free love/save the world kind of craft that I like my kids to try it at least once, plus I try to do something crafty with them at least once a month to let them know Mummy does factor them into her time usage. That way I can justify the disgusting number of hours I spend romancing my keyboard.

So now I have a whole line of deep purple things flapping in the breeze. (Wonder what the neighbors think of that!)And I must tell you, that suggestion you wear rubber gloves for this craft is a good one. Pity I didn't give it a thought or read the dye packet BEFORE I turned my cuticles purple. Oh well, guess I'm more of a writer than an instruction reader. :-)

1 comment:

Eva Gale said...

Oh I LOVE tie Dying! Lucky you!

At least you don't go to the Dr with "poor circulation' because your hands are a blueis tint. No me, I swear, but someone I knew.